Operation Zzz – Sponsor A Blanket Program

In 2017, the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team in Charleston, South Carolina announced a new partnership with our Team, Stacy Green, a local paramedic, and the Steinberg Law Firm in Goose Creek, South Carolina to provide weighted blankets for firefighters, law enforcement, EMS personnel, and 911 dispatchers. This program is known as the “Operation Zzz” initiative. Stacy has been joined by Marci-Jo Mishoe and Amanda Graham, two firefighter wives, who custom make each blanket to a person’s height and weight.

These blankets are used to aid sleep problems caused by the effects of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder and have proven to be great help for those who otherwise cannot rest and sleep through the night. We have multiple written testimonials from those who have received them documenting the amazing results. We believe by improving the sleep patterns of our first responders, we lessen the impact of their PTSD and anxiety, improve their health, and their ability to serve the community, a direct benefit for all of us.

We will soon reach the first anniversary of this program and we are excited to tell you that over sixty blankets have been made and delivered to date with many more on the list to do. The purpose of this program is to put these blankets in the hands of our first responders who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and related sleep deprivation. The decision to use a weighted blanket is made in consultation with, and with a recommendation from, a therapist and/or physician.

We provide these blankets at no cost to the recipients due to the expense of buying them commercially and we are committed to continuing the program. Many others have joined the Steinberg Law Firm in contributing to the costs of this program and we are forever grateful to them for their support.

We are asking that you join our new initiative to “Sponsor A Blanket” by donating $ 100.00 per blanket to offset the costs of making them. We are reaching out to individuals, businesses, church groups, social organizations, civic clubs, homeowners associations, fraternal groups, and any other group that is willing to help.

With your permission, we will provide a recipient with a card informing them of who made the blanket available to them. You can designate the first responder that will receive your blanket or allow us to pick someone from our list. Either way, please contribute yourself or take up a collection in your group and contribute today.

Donate to Sponsor A Blanket

You can make a contribution by mail to:

Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team
P. O. Box 80962
Charleston, SC 29416

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

A 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

Dedicated to the Emotional Health of our Firefighters, EMS Personnel, 911 Dispatchers, and their Families