The Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team provides an array of services designed to meet the needs of our emergency services personnel and their families. Available support team services include:

Signs & Symptoms Information

Coping effectively with the challenges of everyday life can, at times, be a struggle.  Situations arise without warning that may bring on changes, both painful and long-term. Add this to the stress of being a first responder or family member and the burden might become overwhelming.  Read more information about the Signs & Symptoms that indicate you may be in need of one or more of our Team Services  »

Peer Support

 Response by trained personnel to provide initial support and referrals of emergency services personnel and their families.

Clinical Support

Counseling referrals available with behavioral health clinicians throughout our community as well as referrals to other local providers to address issues identified as causing undue stress and emotional problems.

Physician Support

Medical case management and appointments for those needing medications are available through your clinician.

Crisis Intervention

Attending to those in need of immediate and critical support.

Group Counseling

Using the power of peer support to tackle issues and together seek solutions.

Training & Education

The Support Team provides many different levels of behavioral health training to enhance our emergency services personnel’s ability to respond to the needs of their individual departments, their family members, and the citizens they serve.  More information about our Training Events.

Community Outreach & Support

Participating in activities, meetings and events to provide behavioral health support, education and support for our emergency services personnel and their families.

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