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The following special programs are offered by the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team. Contact us for more information!


Step Up & Step Out Suicide Prevention Initiative

Suicide is a subject that we find difficult to discuss. Many of us have been touched by the tragedy of having someone take their own life. Whether it is a close friend, a relative, or a co-worker, suicide can cause great pain to all those affected. Who better to help than those of us who are a part of a person’s daily life? Noticing a change in their attitude, their personal appearance, or their habits can be a signal of distress or anxiety.

We believe that those who take their own lives do so because they have lost hope. We are asking that you join us to give hope to those hurting silently. Each of us can listen when someone needs to talk and offer the help so important to their survival. We believe that we can do better by helping to erase the stigma of asking for help, by reaching out to those in need, and by encouraging the silent ones to ask for assistance.

Please contact us if your fire department, EMS organization, civic group, church group or other group would like to have us share this program with you. We must be more proactive and help those hurting so badly. If not you, then who will do it?  The presentation is two hours long and is offered free of charge to participants. Duration: 2 Hours


Our Team has been working for some time now in a new partnership with Stacy Green, a local Paramedic, and the Steinberg Law Firm in Goose Creek, South Carolina as we provide weighted blankets for firefighters, law enforcement, EMS personnel and our 911 telecommunicators. The project is called “Operation Zzz”.

These blankets are used to aid sleep problems caused by the effects of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder and have proven to be great help for those who otherwise cannot rest and sleep through the night. The decision to use a weighted blanket should be made in consultation with, and with a recommendation from, a therapist and/or physician.

Many who are using them have written to us and expressed what a difference these blankets have made in their lives. We would like to thank the Steinberg Law Firm for their support of this project and also thank Stacy Green, Marci-Jo Mishoe and Amanda Graham for their hard work and talent in making these blankets. It takes about 12-15 hours to cut, assemble and sew each blanket. We simply could not do this without their hard work and commitment. While these blankets are provided at no cost to the recipients, any donation will assist us in providing these blankets to our first responders. We appreciate your support! If you would like more information or believe you may benefit from having a blanket, please contact us.


Hospital Visitation CardWe have been working to improve our hospital visitation program to be sure we are providing support for those in our emergency services families who are hospitalized. We concede that we sometimes miss some folks when we simply don’t know they are hospitalized. To improve our efforts, we are asking for you to help us. If you know someone who is in the hospital that we can visit to offer support, please contact us on our website at www.firefightersupport.org, by calling 843.300.1700, or by sending us a private message on our Facebook page.

We also know that many of our firefighters, EMS personnel, law enforcement officers, and 911 dispatchers from out-or-town come here to MUSC for medical care. We also know from experience that often their family members are here for extended periods of time during their treatment, particularly at the cancer or heart centers and the Children’s Hospital. All of us have experienced keeping a vigil while a loved one is in the hospital and we want to be sure the family members are supported as well.

This is a card we place in the ICU waiting rooms to encourage those family members to reach out. Please let us know if you know someone who can benefit from our visit.


Our Team, in its’ community outreach program, works to support causes and organizations that provide assistance to our emergency service personnel and their families.  In early 2016, Dawson Reindollar, the teenage son of our Team Leader, John David Reindollar, drew a sketch of a fire truck with an Autism Awareness theme in support of autistic children, both in our emergency services families, and others in our community. His plan was well thought out and the quality of his drawings gave us a great blueprint with which to work. We continued to work towards the goal of having an Autism Awareness truck when in February, 2017, our friends of the Santee Circle Fire Department in Berkeley County donated this 1977 Mack CF 600 fire truck to our Team.

We worked with Dawson to plan for how we could best use this truck to accomplish our goal.  Thanks to Laura Meehan of Signs ASAP in Summerville, South Carolina for her creativity and wonderful support in creating the graphics and banners for the truck and to Dawson for his vision and drawings in helping make this dream come true. Special thanks to the Charis Academy in Summerville for being our partners in the development of this truck. The Charis Academy specializes in providing a learning environment for children with high functioning autism and other similar challenges.

The use of magnetic decals allows us to use this as a multi-purpose truck. By removing the banners and puzzle pieces, we can transform it into an honor guard truck for use in firefighter funerals or other events in support of our firefighters,  EMS personnel and 911 dispatchers.

As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, we raise all our money to operate by soliciting donations. We appreciate your financial contributions to help with maintenance and fuel to support this mission.  Please go to “Click and Pledge” link on the home page of this website to donate.  Thank you for your support!


Battalion Chief John Winn of the Charleston Fire Department always thought about others and, even in his battle with cancer, he encouraged us to be positive. One of his missions during his fight with Mesothelioma was that he wanted to use his illness to raise awareness of the hidden dangers of firefighting.  He knew that with proper scans and testing, as a part of a firefighter’s physical, cancers and other life-threatening illnesses could be detected early and treated accordingly. It was his wish that we promote a “Firefighter Health Awareness Campaign” to provide a method to improve and protect the future health of all of our firefighters.

Early in his career, Chief Winn drove and was a Captain on Mack fire trucks. With his blessing, we decided to restore an old Mack fire engine to be the centerpiece of this campaign. In March, 2012, our friends of the Old Fort Fire Department in Ladson, South Carolina had this 1976 Mack that was destined for the scrapyard. Upon hearing of our project, they donated the truck to be restored by our Team.  Even as Chief Winn was undergoing chemotherapy, he joined us to help with the extensive two month restoration.   As he condition worsened, we took photographs daily and took them to him to approve the work.  Sadly, he passed away and we worked until the early morning hours of the day of his funeral to have it at his service.

The truck has traveled around our community and our State to raise awareness and to encourage our cities, counties, and fire districts to provide the necessary testing to protect our firefighters. It is available by request to support your organization or project.

Please join us in this mission by donating to help buy fuel and provide maintenance for this truck. Donations can be made via our “Click and Pledge” link.


The Lowcountry Fire Wives is a community organization for the wives, fiancés, and significant others of firefighters whose mission is to strengthen each other as a sisterhood and to encourage, comfort and support those who understand the unique culture of loving a firefighter. They draw strength from each other and bring an even deeper sense of community to our fire family. They also believe in fellowship, family activities, loving and supporting our firefighters, and helping each other grow in our relationships.  They support the Firefighter Support Team in its community outreach programs and fundraisers.

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