Today, we said goodbye to a fellow firefighter, taken from us all far too soon.  While I did not know Katie Dube personally, I learned of her love of the Fire Service and her dedication to helping others through the words of all who loved her.  Even in her young life and short career, Katie was the epitome of what we all strive for in the world of emergency services. That is, to be the best we can be, to give our all, and to always be willing to help those around us. Those words unquestionably described Katie and she earned that respect with how she lived her life.

I couldn’t help but think as, today, I listened to each of her friends, family, and fellow emergency responders eulogize her, how much I wished she could have joined our Team, knowing she possessed what it takes to provide care for folks in their most difficulty times.

Not all possess the quality we look for in our members, but Katie would have been an asset to us all.  So, how do we reconcile the emotion of not having the opportunity to serve with her?  We do it by always remembering that age and seniority are just some of the traits we need to be good at what we do.  Youth, dedication, exuberance, and commitment are what we can learn from Katie and I, for one, will always remember her for those reasons.

Rest in peace Katie, we will continue to uphold you in memory, for your babies, your family, and all those who loved you dearly.