The events of the last week have been catastrophic for our communities and its citizens.  Many of you have lost your homes and businesses and continue to struggle with the long-term recovery.  Our emergency services personnel have been worked to the limit, spending days away from home and their families to take care of those they serve.  The effects of Hurricane Florence are far from over as flood waters have yet to reach their peak.   We know that stress levels are high, folks are tired, and the aftermath will continue to bring much angst and difficult.

Our Team has been reaching out to those we serve; our firefighters, EMS personnel, 911 telecommunicators, and law enforcement.  Obviously, it is difficult to reach all of you due to the widespread effect of this storm.  Please understand you are in our thoughts and prayers and we will continue to be available to assist.   We have been in contact with our partners of the North Carolina Peer Support Group, the First Responder Support Team here in Charleston, the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, many fire service and EMS organizations, our Team’s Pee Dee and Grand Strand Region Coordinators, the various EOCs in multiple counties, the leaders of USAR Task Force One in South Carolina, and many family members of our first responders who are deployed.

All of us are blessed to have the amazing resources available to help us recover.  Many thanks to all who have also traveled from out-of-state to bring their expertise and their dedication to help us in dire times. Special thanks to the members of the South Carolina F.L.A.M.ES. organization that have done a great job of continuing to check on the welfare of each other and our first responder families while their loved ones have been recalled.

Rest assured we will continue to be available to help you as we continue the process of praying for some normalcy in our lives.  We can be reached at 843.609.8300 or on the internet at  if we can help.