If you follow us on Facebook or on the web at www.firefightersupport.org, you know we stay on the road providing services, trainings, and outreach to firefighters, EMS personnel, 911 telecommunicators, and their families over a wide area of twenty-three counties in the lower state region of our State. Many times, upon request, we travel outside of our region to assist other folks as the need arises.

We are thankful for those that have donated vehicles to us to help our mission succeed. The Windy Hill Fire Department, the North Charleston Fire Department, and David and Tammy Reindollar have graciously donated the three vehicles that keep us mobile. We incur a great deal of expense in fuel costs as we move about in our work. We travel together when we can to cut costs but often, we respond from several of our five regions to get together to provide our services. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that simply needs to raise money to support our program. You can help us by donating to our Team.

You can help us make a difference! Any amount will be helpful, $ 5.00 will buy two gallons of gas (well, almost). Please consider taking a minute to help us! We will be grateful for your support.

Simply go to our “Click and Pledge” link and give what you can: