Our Team has been working for some time now in a new partnership with Stacy Green, a local Paramedic, and the Steinberg Law Firm in Goose Creek, South Carolina as we provide weighted blankets for firefighters, law enforcement, EMS personnel and our 911 telecommunicators. The project is called “Operation Zzz”.

These blankets are used to aid sleep problems caused by the effects of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder and have proven to be great help for those who otherwise cannot rest and sleep through the night. The decision to use a weighted blanket should be made in consultation with, and with a recommendation from, a therapist and/or physician.

Many who are using them have written to us and expressed what a difference these blankets have made in their lives. We would like to thank the Steinberg Law Firm for their support of this project and also thank Stacy Green, Marci-Jo Mishoe and Amanda Graham for their hard work and talent in making these blankets. It takes about 12-15 hours to cut, assemble and sew each blanket. We simply could not do this without their hard work and commitment.


While these blankets are provided at no cost to the recipients, any donation will assist us in providing these blankets to our first responders. We appreciate your support! If you would like more information or believe you may benefit from having a blanket, please contact our Team at 843-609-8300.