Tonight, we are all saddened by the news that Florence County Deputy Farah Turner has succumbed to her injuries sustained in the senseless shootings on October 3rd that also took the life of Florence Police Officer Terrence Carraway and injured five others.

The Florence community has exhibited great courage, compassion, and resilience in the last three weeks but tonight’s news is a major setback for them and for us all.  Emotions are understandably all over the place, some, most of us, angry and asking why?  We all are touched in some way by this tragedy.  Watching our friends suffer is difficult.  First, we all want to do something, to provide support and encouragement, while feeling that whatever we do will fall short.  Keep watching out for each other, be a listener, rest when you can, take care of yourselves, and keep believing you can make a difference.

All over Florence, there are signs paying tribute to the fallen and offering encouragement to the others.  Understand that we all will face a “new normal” and things won’t be the same again.  But, we can honor  these officers by remembering them, supporting their families and friends, and taking care of each other.

From a street level perspective, remember to take care of yourselves.  Sadly, there will be other casualties from this event.  Careers will come to an end, lives will be changed, and difficult personal decisions will be made.   Don’t let yourself become a victim of this evil person, don’t get added to his list. If we do, then he wins and that is just not in the plan.  If you need help, please ask for it.   Do it for Terrence and Farah and do it for yourself.