Not sure we can take much more excitement this weekend! After K.J. & Ali’s wedding and our trip out to the L.E.A.P. stables, we also got our newest vehicle back today after a makeover by Signs ASAP, Inc. on Trolley Road in Summerville. Laura Meehan and Nick Richburg have continued their tradition of making our vehicles look professional.

This 2006 Dodge Durango, donated to our Team by Chief John DeLung and his Windy Hill Fire Department folks in Florence County, will be our Pee Dee Coordinator Lee Hopkins’ vehicle as he serves the Pee Dee Region of our State.

Special thanks to Chief DeLung and the Windy Hill Fire Department for their donation of this much needed vehicle and to Laura & Nick of Signs ASAP for showing us once again that their creativity and a “little lipstick and powder” can do wonders.

Keep an eye out for Lee and the Durango roaming the streets as he continues his amazing work in his region.