We proudly share the following announcement from our own Savannah Wall, the Administrative Assistant of our Team:

“I have been offered and accepted the position as a mental health technician at Palmetto Behavioral Health Center!! I finally have my foot in the door to my field of study🙌🙌 This has definitely been a long time coming! Thank you all for your continued support!! 👏👏 I will be working with the youth population, providing care for behavioral, psychological, and addiction issues. It’s not quite working with my firefighters and first responders, but this will provide me with a great learning experience and opportunity!!”

Savannah came to our Team several years ago with the desire to help our first responders. She has completed her bachelor’s degree and will finish her Master’s in the coming year. She plans to become a behavioral health clinician serving the emergency services community while continuing to serve on our Team. She worked diligently to learn about first responders and eventually became our Administrative Assistant where she has contributed greatly to our mission.

It has been quite an experience to watch Savannah grow. Some may say that this is the beginning for her but, unless you have followed her, you would not have seen the multiple jobs, long hours, frustrations, and other challenges she has overcome to reach this point. She is an amazing young woman! We are so proud of you Savannah and we look forward to continuing your journey with you!