Often, we received support from unexpected places and Friday we were blessed once again in an unusual way.  We saw a “For Sale” ad on Facebook Marketplace for a roll of cotton quilting batting of the type we use in our “Operation Zzz” weighted blankets.   The batting is added as the middle of three layers in the blankets to cushion the beads making the blankets more comfortable for those that use them and make our blankets unique from some of the commercially made ones. The roll contains enough batting to make at least a dozen blankets.

A dear lady by the name of Becky Roberts was advertising the batting for sale at a very reasonable price and a price that would save us substantially from having to purchase it commercially.  When we called about buying it, we told Becky what we were using it for she donated to us without any cost.  It is gestures like this, and they come often, from wonderful people in our community that allow us to do what we do.

Thank you, Becky, from our Team and all of our emergency services personnel, for your generosity and support.