We are fortunate to have many folks who serve on our Team who have accepted their responsibility as a true calling. One of those is Lee Hopkins, aka “Lee”, “Leeroy, or “Spanky” (we’ll let him explain that one). Lee is our Team’s Pee Dee Regional Coordinator and is simply the best at what he does. He has an amazing ability to know when someone is in need or is hurting. In the last few weeks, he has continued to rise to the challenge of being there for others by responding, texting, emailing, or following our emergency services personnel on Facebook during Hurricane Florence.

Lee is a humble man, never seeking credit for himself but giving his all each day. He is supported by his wonderful wife, April, and his children, and they, themselves, sacrifice their time with him so he can serve. Lee is devoted to his family and can be found at the ball field, the hunting club, running his hounds, and just spending time with his family while setting that example of “finding balance” we all seek. A few years ago, Lee retired from the fire department because of health issues, struggling with leaving an organization that was his life. We are absolutely blessed that he chose to bring that passion for others to our Team to continue to serve.

Lee was raised by wonderful parents that taught him how to care for others and he honors them each day in his life. We know he would resist any mention of his value to this Team. Regardless Lee, you are an amazing example to follow, you make us all want to be better, and keeping up with you is a challenge. Keep showing us the way, Lee! We love you Brother! Thank you for all you do!