On Friday last, we spent the day with the Bluffton class here in Charleston.  This class included firefighter recruits from Bluffton, Lady’s Island and Ridgeland Fire Departments.

We enjoy these days when we have an opportunity to spend time with new recruits becoming a part of the greatest profession ever!  We started the day with gathering in our training room for an explanation of our Team and what services and support we offer for them. Then, our Chaplain, Doug Farmer, delivered his “Finding Balance” program.    We concluded the morning with NCFD Training Officer Steve Gillespie providing a rousing invitation for them to prepare themselves, physically and mentally, for being a part of the Fire Service.   After a stop for lunch, we visited the North Charleston Fire Museum where Summerville firefighter Wes Carter gave them the grand tour.

The final stop of the day was a visit to the Charleston 9 Memorial Park where we shared memories of our fallen brothers. It is always our intent to be sure that our recruits learn who these men were, their names, their families, and their love for the Fire Service.   It is our way of being sure these brothers are never forgotten and that their legacy lives on in our hearts.