This is a repost of a Facebook message from our F.L.A.M.E.S. sister Julia Coleman.  She writes so well to express the emotions felt by many of us lately:

Dear First Responder Family Members,

I have sat down to write and get the right wording out and I have struggled. But I want you all to know that it is OK to not be enough. There are some of us recently that have been through a tragedy that was the unthinkable. I just want everyone to know that it’s OK if you start seeing signs in your home, or your husband or your wife or your brother or your sister mom dad struggling and you don’t know how to handle it exactly. There are resources out there for everyone! There are people you can call and will be there for you at the drop of a hat; in these times we all have to join together. Sometimes we look to the veterans in this field to help us in situations like this and know how to handle it, and to be quite honest sometimes they don’t even know. It’s a tragedy it’s not something you can plan but it is something that is important for you to know how to be there whether it’s by calling somebody just listening or pushing your spouse or family member to get the help they need. Sometimes our spouses or family members turn to us to vent or to look for support. Sometimes we can be that for them, sometimes we are still processing our own fears and sadness. Sometimes it is just too much or a statement is said that sends red flags. I want to make sure I am clear when I say this. IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE ENOUGH. It is okay to seek outside help. It is okay to say I am very concerned about you, I am here for you but maybe we need to talk to … this could be a counselor, this could be a Chaplain, this could be a good friend in the service you can trust, this could honestly be anyone that they can trust and will talk to. We have resources and what we can’t help you find, we have great friends that will help you find what you need. I want everyone to know, I as well as other admins in this group and some of our good friends are always here. PM me, call me, text me, if you need to talk, just talk. You don’t have to always be strong, let someone else be strong for you and remember it is okay to not be enough. We put very high expectations on ourselves but not once do we remind ourselves that we have to take care of us as well. I have to have woods therapy to help me. What do you do to decompress, or relax? You aren’t any good to anyone if you can’t take care of yourself.

Thank you Julia………….