Yesterday was a special time for our Team as we traveled to the Cross Rural Fire Department to deliver a surprise to a special fire department member. Raequon President is a nineteen-year-old who visited the fire station some time ago to tell Chief Clayton Cole he really wanted to be a member of the fire department but no one was interested in him because he suffers from cerebral palsy.

Chief Clayton saw something is this young man’s spirit that interested him. He asked Raequon if he could type and, was he good at working with files. He assured the Chief he could do it and Chief Clayton brought him in as an administrative assistant of sorts with responsibilities of keeping records, training files, greeting the public, and performing other tasks to help keep the department running smoothly daily.

One issue for Raequon was his mode of transportation. His Mom brings him to the firehouse on her way to work in the morning and drops him off with his regular wheelchair. When he is there by himself, he rolls himself across a busy highway to get lunch. Chief Clayton was worried that he might not be able to go fast enough to get across safely. He reached out to us to see if we could help find Raequon an electric wheelchair. In addition to being able to scoot across the roadway now, he was getting around the firehouse well when we left.

Recently, our Brother, Engineer Darin Kingery, NCFD, Retired, donated a Jazzy wheelchair to our Team in hopes we could find someone who could use it. Well, our “Leap of Faith” has never failed us as Engineer Kingery’s donation made all this possible. Thanks to Darin for the gift, Chief Clayton and the other members of the department that support him so well, and to Raequon for putting a smile on our faces and in our hearts. You are quite a guy our friend!