Many of you know that we recently added therapy dogs as a resource for those  we serve.  Today, we joined Nox and Kelly, his owner and handler, to visit the Charleston Fire Department Recruits as they trained in vehicle extrication.  Nox, dutifully, took up a position to watch them work and patiently waited for them to take a break so he could work his magic.  Nox is a high energy pup who visited the recruit class, and the crews of Engine 108 and 111 before calling it a day.   Thanks to all for making us feel welcome.

Before long, we will visit again to let everyone meet Boomer, our other therapy dog.   Both Nox and Boomer are certified therapy dogs and enjoy spending time with our emergency services personnel.   Let us know if you have a special event scheduled or would just like for us to stop by your station to visit.