Have you ever needed help during a stressful time and simply weren’t comfortable with reaching out to someone? Regardless of the reason; too embarrassed to ask for help, afraid of criticism of being weak, or, don’t know where to get help?  Well, check out this app from the Center for Firefighter Behavioral Health that can be loaded on your phone, computer or tablet.  Simply access www.pocketpeer.org for helpful information and tips on getting the help you need. Real life videos of others just like you who have walked the walk and faced difficulties in their own lives as they share their experiences that promise to help you.  There are two modules in this program that are particularly important and readily available to you.  Give them a try and experience self-help at its’ best.  They are as follows:

PREVENT SUICIDE – A module designed to assist you in helping someone that is contemplating taking their lives. Tips and directions on how to help them and providing support in the darkest time of their life.  In addition, another section of it allows you to access information if you, yourself, are struggling with the thoughts of suicide.

FIREFIGHTERS HELPING FIREFIGHTERS – A module that allows you to hear the stories of others just like you that have struggled and their advice on how best to take care of yourselves.  This is important information shared by those who have experienced trouble in their own lives, all easily accessible at your fingertips.  You may recognize some of the people in the videos as many of them are a part of our everyday world.  They are not actors reading from a script.  They are real life brothers and sisters who have dedicated themselves to helping you.

Download this app today and take time to look it over.  Access it as often as it is needed. It could make a difference in your life or the lives of others.