The Lowcountry Firefighter/EMS/911 Support Teams are presently working with Sherie Corbett, one of our Team clinicians, to provide Telehealth services to the emergency services personnel we serve. Sherie has been using Telehealth to connect with firefighters, EMS and 911 telecommunicators she is treating, and the results have been phenomenal. She is also expanding her clinical team at Healing Roots Behavioral Health Center, LLC, to meet the ever-increasing clinical needs of our Team.

The Telehealth program has many advantages. Some things she has noted in using it with emergency personnel are:

  • Being able to be provide online counseling at the fire station with the understanding if a tone drops, they will end session and reconvene later;
  • Having the ability to practice skills in the very place the symptoms arise (like the firehouse);
  • Being able to have immediate discussions after a bad call (like a personal debriefing);
  • Offering more flexible hours, such as sessions requested in the evening;
  • Being able to offer to help in a crisis when sent a text message stating “emergency”;
  • Provide clinical guidance to peer support team members in the field when needed;
  • Services are offered to anywhere in South Carolina without the need to come to Sherie’s office in the Lowcountry.

Other advantages to Telehealth services include:

  • Allows participants to connect with the clinician supported by a tech team using Zoom and HIPAA compliant software;
  • Sessions are done with video using a computer or cellphone, as if the client was present in the therapist’s office;
  • Provides a more personal approach as you can also show things in your space like pets, projects, etc. Someone even showed Sherie their medicine bottle after forgetting the name of it, which helped address symptoms, and led to a discussion with the doctor and a medicine change;
  • Promotes self-care of the clinician, decreases burnout, and helps us all work together for the benefit of the client;

If this type of counseling is of interest to you, please call our Team at (843) 609-8300 and we will set up a referral for you.  The Telehealth program has been in use by medical providers for some time now and we applaud Sherie’s dedication to our Team to improve clinical access for those we serve.