Sadly, we lost another member of our emergency services family to suicide yesterday.  It is difficult to know what to say as we are frustrated. We need to be better at providing care and resources to others who are hurting.  The “what ifs” are setting in this morning, what if he would have reached out? What if those closer to him had noticed his silent anguish? What if we could have provided support for him?  We can’t give up and we hope you won’t either.  Keep in touch with those in your circles, watch for those who are suffering while understanding that tragedy still comes, but so does hope. Be that listening ear, the advocate for those needing support and the one that doesn’t give up on someone.

Our “Step Up, Step Out” program addresses the issues of how to help.  In a group, we all will agree that suicide is a problem that affects us as a family and that agreement is the “Stepping Up” part.   The “Stepping Out” part comes when someone is crying out for help, is seeking someone to talk to or is in dire straits.  Will you be the one that gets out of bed, your comfortable chair, or the safety zone in your life to go to that person, sit with them, offering them all that we have and get them to a safe place?  Check on them, follow up to see that they are taking advantage of what is available, and keep providing the hope they so much need and deserve.   Our program is not the only one that provides this care.  There are many others, but this is our contribution.

If you would like to hear more about it, please call us at (843) 609-8300 and we will bring out “Step Up, Step Out” program to your department or organization.