We are blessed to have many unsung heroes on our Team that give of their time and talent to simply make life better for those we serve.   One of those, my MoJo, my girl, and my love, sews our weighted blankets in our “Operation Zzz” program that provides anxiety-reducing blankets to those emergency services men and women who have difficulty sleeping or otherwise getting rest.  She and Stacy Green together have sewn over 200 blankets in the last two years.  A full-size blanket takes 12-15 hours from start to finish to complete. Together, they are the heart of our program and we simply could not do it without them.

Unfortunately, the constant pulling of a weighted blanket through a sewing machine has contributed to Marci developing arthritis in her hands and fingers thus making it difficult to sew.  We were afraid she may need to stop sewing, but she would not have it.  She went to a doctor to see what could be done for her and his therapy department made splints for her to wear to alleviate the pain.  Well, going through the learning curve of sewing with splints on your hands has been challenging, in itself, but she pushes on because “there are people waiting for these blankets”.  Thanks MoJo, you are the best!