Our most heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, and fellow firefighters of Coley Loadholt of the Hampton and Jasper County Fire Service.  Coley succumbed today at MUSC after suffering a devastating heart attack earlier this week while on duty at a firehouse in Jasper County.

Today, we were in attendance while Coley was given the ”Walk of Honor” at the MUSC Ashley River Towers as he was moved to the operating room to donate his organs to others.  A sad day indeed but an amazing gesture on his part to let others live.  Thanks to the nurses, physicians, staff of MUSC, many firefighters from both Jasper and Hampton Counties, and so many others from the Charleston area for participating to this lasting tribute to Coley.  Special thanks to the Charleston and St. Paul’s Fire Departments for providing an escort for Coley to take him home tonight.  Charleston led the hearse and motorcade from the hospital out to Savannah Highway and Hwy. 165 in Ravenel where St. Paul’s picked them up and led them to Jacksonboro and Highway 164.  Jasper County and Hampton County units then took the motorcade on to Hampton.  While all this activity was very sad, the brotherhood demonstrated today, and all this week, was an amazing display of compassion for Coley and his family.

Services for Coley Loadholt will be announced later this weekend and will be posted here.